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another noir fiction of Alejandro Marin
blog: cortemoslacarajo.blogspot.com

A murder that has taken place in the Argentine city of Rosario confronts Jordi Gonorria, an economist and cook and his friend Quito Verdudo, a retired police officer, with a new mystery.
The drug trafficking that has infested Rosario, the never-quite-revealed secrets of nazism in Argentina in the late '40s and international financial fraud, will set the backdrop to, and eventually elucidate, their investigation.
On the way, they will be joined by old friends, a blend of fictional, picturesque and in-the-flesh characters who have left their footprints and the vicissitudes of the relationship between our economist and his new girlfriend.
This lithe and riveting narration is packed with culinary stories and mouthwatering recipes, insightful reflections on today's economy and situations that will not cease to surprise the reader.

Available (in spanish) AMAZON KINDLE store.

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